0521489118 Massage in Dubai Body to Body Massage Full Service

 Massage in Dubai Body to Body Massage Full Service


Indian Massage

Need Indian Massage Services in Dubai? We offer 100% Ayurvedic & herbal Indian massage therapies for all age of people and no side effect. Contact us

Nuro Many people's go to Normal Massage Dubai for getting refreshed from a week long works to relief their stress. Here, many people do choose the Nuro Indian Massage Services and enjoy the Herbal Spas. The Ayurvedic massage follow the ancient herbal concepts of healing the human body in their spa therapy. These massages are comparatively very economy when compared to the conventional massages. These Indian massage therapies are done on all ages of peoples. This massage therapy is 100% natural and has no side effects. There are many massage therapy followed here, check for the best package that may suit you. Massage Therapies are done in the Ayurvedic massage with great care. Few massages last from 2-6 hours. Every massage starts from a complete herbal bath by its customers. The feet care is first done with placing your feet's in lukewarm water filled with herbs. Then the customer is taken to the massage bed and mildly massages the entire body by applying various herbal oils and herbal pastes. All these application of oils and pastes are left on the skin for nearly an hour time. Here the main nerves areas are applied pressure while a massage is done ensuring complete relaxation. With Indian Massage, enjoy several benefits including relaxation! 



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